Blame It On the DJ

Aloha BoxVillians! As we get ready to release our new song "Blame It On the DJ", we decided we would play DJ on our blog for a bit. Every week for the next few weeks we will each pick a song. Some of the future weeks may have a theme, but for this first one we are just throwing out some random picks we have been listening to recently.

Kahnma K

It should be of no secret that I am absolutely fanatic over Bruno Mars, so picking "Show Me" as my song of the week is probably pretty cliche of me. Although this song does not necessarily rank in my top 5 Bruno songs the magnitude of this song as it relates to JookBox City is to be recognized. For a mainstream pop artist such as Bruno Mars to venture into the world of reggae music, thus exemplifying JookBox City's motto, "cultural pop" is a pretty big effin deal! Artist such as Rihanna have also been instrumental in bringing this form of reggae pop music into the mainstream. What this does is, it allows the pop music audience to be a little more open to a song like "Wishing Well". I might even go as far as saying, the positive message of "Wishing Well" might even resonate, who knows? After all, if artists they love such as Bruno Mars and Rihanna are doing "IT", JookBox City might be given a fighting chance in the realm of pop music.



Rawnie LoveLy

So, I don't know if you know, but I'm kind of a sucka for dynamic performance, explosive arrangements, and ridiculous talent. All made evident here in this Dirty Loops cover of "Baby" by Justin Bieber. This is a band much like JookBox City; they take popular songs and twist & mash them up into extravagant 're-interpretations', and if you ask me, that's the definition of a cover. Letting the massive know, 'we are not just here to play music, we are here to re-invent it.' Not to mention, this guy has frets on his vocal chords, I think auto-tune was inspired by this guy. A larger-than-life sound from know I love it





I first heard “Material Girl” by Agent Sasco a few months back on KTUH. This first thing that caught my ear was that it has the same drum beat as our song Haters in my Hood. We had just been working on that song and I loved hearing how they took the same drum beat but flipped in totally differently. While Haters In My Hood has a more 50's R&B style/vibe, this song uses the same basic drum pattern for a dancehall vibe. It still has some hints at the R&B thing though, especially with the piano sample at the beginning which conjures up images of New Orleans. I did some research into the song and found out that is was produced by Di Genius – AKA Stephen McGregor – Freddie McGregor's 16 year old son!


We hope you enjoy checking out these songs and maybe discovering something new.  What have you been listening to?

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