For this one, we decided to each pick one of the songs that is referenced in our new song Blame It On The DJ. With so many great songs the only hard part was just picking one. Give Blame It On The DJ a listen here:


Rawnie LoveLy

I gotta pull the typical Rawnie LoveLy move and pick the one & only Michael Jackson's "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough" for my Blame It On The DJ music pick. I mean, just listen to this beast of musical goodness! From MJ in his prime & in that simple dapper style; to that gritty bass, stacked strings, jugglin' guitars...what a work of production this song! Holy Brass!One of my favorite grooves, I remember recreating this jam just to overstand it...give thanks Michael for all you taught me, R.I.Paradise Pop King!

Kahnma K

"Blame It On The DJ", wow! So many references to so many great songs but that perfect placement and harmonies on the line "I just want to fly", referencing of course Sugar Ray's 1997 hit song "Fly" would have to be my favorite moment of so many cool moments in the song. Blame It On The DJ perfectly showcases the wide range of our musical influences and the ability to relate it to our audience in that JookBox City way!


For my pick I gotta go with my overall favorite song of all the songs referenced - Bob Marley's classic Mellow Mood. This song has been a favorite of mine since I first heard it, and it still brings a smile to my face every time I hear those sweet harmonies. The sound of the recording was very unique for it's time. Recorded in mid-1967 as Rocksteady was at it's height, the drums play more of a Soul beat. The slow tempo and bass line doubled by a muted guitar suggests Rocksteady, but by holding out the skank until halfway through, the recording hints at the strong influence of Soul and Rhythm & Blues on the Wailers. A few years later the Wailer's recut the song in version with that makes the soul influence more pronounced with a super funky bass line. Bob was always a unique artist, and this wonderful song from early in his career is just one of many examples.

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