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The first quarter of 2014 is almost past...are you living up to your best potential? We strive to live to do so every day and as a result, we have so much exciting news to share!

We've spent a number of restless and sleepless nights working to produce the perfect album. It's nearing completion and this is where we could use your help! We are in the process of raising funds to press CDs and to promote the album. And we've turned to Kickstarter to help us get this grass-roots effort off the ground. 


If you're reading this newsletter, we can only assume you like our music and were planning to buy the "Kill 'Em With Love" album. And if that's the case, please go to Kickstarter now because with just a $10 pledge, we'll provide a digital download of the album a full month before it's released! Kickstarter is the only place where you can get the exclusive dub mix of the album as well as JBC apparel and limited edition stickers.

There's all types of pledge levels available and in return, we're offering some serious swag. Stuff like a personal ring tone sung in a capella harmony by Rawnie and Kahnma K, a private concert, a personal beach barbecue with our bassist Aaron as your Chef for the day. And we understand that not everyone has the means to donate what could be half your week's paycheck, so we've made options for everyone at any level to show their support. For as little as $1, you'll get a FB and/or Twitter shoutout along with a digital download of the band's next single...2 weeks before it's released! So go on now and tell 10K of your friends! We only have until April 24 to get this party started and you do not want to miss out on this serious swagger.


The next great news we want to share is that we are expanding the band by two members to include a background vocalist/rhythm guitarist and keyboardist/horn player. Both good people are well-respected and loved in Hawaii's music scene. We've had a number of rehearsals with these two new members and their contributions are making our sound much richer. Stay connected by social media as we give out hints to who these new members are, as we lead up to their debut playing with us at our CD release party. Sit tight - that's scheduled for late summer.


And last but certainly not least...last month we released a song called "The Kind of Here I Am." Have you had the chance to check it out yet? Take a listen and peep the poetic album art on CDBaby or iTunes.

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