There are exactly 12 days until Santa starts dropping down chimneys. Are you ready?? Here's a brief list of what JookBox City band members might find under their trees this year.

A dainty Dollhouse Locket for Kahnma K, known at home as "mommy", is a stylish way for any mother to always keep her children close to her heart.

As the energetic front-man of the band, Rawnie's 'fit has to be just as vibrant as his stage presence. These Stussy x Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars fit the bill perfectly. A classic shoe, but all the way turnt up.

And since Aaron, the band's funky bass player, hails from Oakland and likes to rep where he's from, this "93 'til." shirt shouts out his hometown's Hieroglyphics Crew as well as supports Bay Area-based clothing company, Adapt.

What are your tips for handling the hustle of the holidays and shopping for loved ones?

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