For a couple months we had been planning to shoot a video for Wishing Well, but it kept getting postponed for one reason or another. From people traveling, to rained out pool parties, it just never seemed to work. We were caught a little off guard when FM100 began playing the song, and that is when we knew it was time to just make the video happen.  The first thing we needed was a place to shoot. We hit up our good friend Ezra, who has an awesome house at the top of Tantalus with a garden, a lanai with an expansive view of Honolulu, and a cool A-frame room where there already was a piano, drum kit and PA. Here is a view from the place on a nice day.

View From Ezra's

He gave us the go for shooting at his house, so we put the word out that we would be having a jam session and filming it. With that in place, we had to figure out what we would do for the key element of the video. After all, you can't have a video for a song called "Wishing Well" and not have an actual wishing well in the video. That just wouldn't be right. We had done a little bit of searching for a well on the island of Oahu with no luck, but when our manager Lori said she would find one we, believed her. To no one's surprise she managed to find two in a day. Unfortunately, neither of the two were ideal to shoot at, and even more, we wanted everyone at the jam session to be able to throw some pennies in the well. At that point we knew we only had one choice. Rawnie was going to have to put his masonry skills to work and build a well.

The day before the shoot, we met up and hit the hardware store for some bricks and mortar.

Brick and Mortar

We wanted to build the well up at Ezra's, but were unable to get in touch with him that day, so we had to build it first and figure out how to transfer it up the next day. Back at JookBox City Hall we unloaded the bricks.

Moving the bricks.

Bricks in place

With the bricks in place, it was time to mix the mortar.

Rawnie Lovely Pouring Mortar

The thing about a signature pose is that you gotta do it whenever there is a camera on you. Yes, even when mixing mortar by hand.

Rawnie Lovely in his signature pose while mixing mortar.

Hand mixing mortar is hard work, especially under the hot Hawaiian sun. Rawnie began to grow tired...

Rawnie getting tired.

Luckily we had a helper who was eager to do some work.

Vahma to the rescue.

We couldn't have done it without Vahma!

Vahma mixing mortar

And with the mortar mixed, it was time to build!

Time to build!

Starting the build

First things first was to lay the foundation. We wanted to make sure it had a lot of mortar at the bottom to survive the transport up the mountain.

Laying the foundation

With the foundation in place, we began to lay the bricks.

The first bricks

The second layer

The well is starting to take shape.

The well is starting to take shape

Getting close!

Time to break out the gloves!

Break out the gloves!

As we began to finish the well, the hole turned dark black and it seemed to descend forever. Rawnie started to pick up a mystical vibration emanating from the hole.

Mystic well

And with the top finished off, the well is complete!

Finished Well

Now that the well was finished we were ready for the shoot. With only two problems... a flash flood warning had been issued for the next day, and we were not quite sure yet if we had a camera to film the whole thing!

Coming soon in part 2: Will the well survive being moved into a car and up the mountain?  Will the weather make it impossible to even use the well? Will the video shoot be a success? Stay tuned..

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