As the day of the shoot began, things looked promising. The sky was overcast but there was no rain, despite the flash flood warning. We scrambled to finish last minute tasks, such as printing the lyrics for Wishing Well and printing release forms for everyone who would be in the video. Running a little behind schedule, Rawnie and Aaron managed to get the well into Rawnie's car without it breaking. By the time we made it up to Ezra's house, a jam session was already going.

Jamming at Ezra's

With the help of a plastic wagon, we managed to move the well from Rawnie's car into a nice position in Ezra's garden. Just as we were moving the well into place, the wagon broke from all the weight on it. The well was safe though, and we were able to slide it into position.

As the well was being moved, Lori passed out the lyrics to the crowd. Here is Pua, studying intently as the jam session continues.

Pua studying the lyrics

We had made arrangements for our camera man Avalanche to come, but he wouldn't be able to make it until 5 in the evening, which would be getting started a little later than we wanted. Luckily Lori was able to arrange for her friend Mel to come with a camera. By this time the clouds were getting darker and it looked like it would soon rain. With no time to waste, we began to get shots outside with the well.

Rawnie with the shot!


Rawnie made the shot

Junior John and Fa'a dropping pennie.

Hector dropping pennie.

As we were finishing the well shots a light rain began to fall. We attempted to get a shot on the lanai, but it was already too dark. As we moved inside to get continue shooting, Avalanche showed up and the weather began to clear. We managed to find a hand held light, so we moved back out to the lanai.

Avalanche at work.

Kahnma and Vahma

After getting shots of Rawnie and Kahnma we got some great group shots with people singing, dancing and throwing hearts in the air. We then moved back inside to get shots of the band playing. By the time that was done it was dark, so we moved back outside for night time shots.

City lights.

We finished up the shoot with some indoor group shots.

Kill'em with love group shot.


Ghost in the shot?

Done shooting, the jam continued into the night.

Jam continues into the night.

We all had a blast at the shoot, and got some good footage. Rawnie has been hard at work editing the video, and we are planning on having a video release party, with details to come soon!

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